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Charges and Legal Aid


Where legal aid is available, we are happy to operate under these schemes. If it is not, we try to remain affordable whilst offering an effective service. There is, however, no escaping the cost of going to law.

Our services are charged by each item of work done and a computer record is made of each phone call, meeting, letter, etc. That way the client can see the basis for charge and can to some extent help control it.

Our hourly charge rates are competitive, and where possible non-qualified staff are used at half rate.

We can give you a good working estimate of likely cost, and bill you at regular intervals to spread the cost.

Legal Aid

Criminal legal aid is free to you and is available to many people. Only your income counts, not your partner's.

General legal advice on any topic may be available for those on restricted income, subject to a contribution.

The limits vary from time to time. This is called the Legal Advice and Assistance Scheme.

Civil legal aid may be available, but family income is usually aggregated.

In matrimonial cases family income is not usually aggregated but the limits are still low and many people are excluded.

For more details phone 01307 460499 or try the following link to the Scottish Legal Aid Board.

  • Criminal Legal Aid
  • Civil Legal Aid
  • Legal Advice and Assistance
  • Children's Legal Aid