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Many people are employed throughout their working lives by the same or various employers, and then enjoy happy retirement. Unfortunately, your working life is not always that simple. You may lose your job in circumstances, which you feel are unfair, or where you feel your legal rights have been infringed.

You may feel that after working with an employer for some time, you have been treated unfairly, perhaps because of a disability or long-standing illness, or that your terms and conditions of employment have been altered without you being consulted. If a new employer has taken over your place of business and is trying to change things without your agreement, you may feel upset about this. If you cannot tolerate these new working conditions, you may feel forced to leave your job. Alternatively, you may believe that a potential employer has not taken you on because of your sex or your race. Discrimination may also arise if you are treated unfairly on the grounds of sex, marital status, race or disability. The law also makes employers liable for discriminatory behaviour by their employees. For those already in work, you may have been dismissed from your employment in circumstances, which you feel are unfair.

Warning – you ordinarily will have only three months from the date you are dismissed to bring a claim of unfair dismissal to an Employment Tribunal. Similarly, you will ordinarily only have three months from the date of an act of discrimination to make a claim.

A claim for unfair dismissal may arise as a result of what is known as ‘constructive dismissal’. Constructive dismissal may arise in circumstances where your employer has made a change to your working conditions or is making your working life so unbearable that you are forced to leave your job. In this situation - REMEMBER, YOU SHOULD NEVER LEAVE YOUR JOB WITHOUT TAKING LEGAL ADVICE FIRST.

If your employers’ business is taken over, there are complex regulations and rules, which protect you as an employee and in many instances, shall prohibit your old or new employer from terminating your employment as a result of the change of ownership of the business. The rules and regulations are however not straightforward and careful advice should therefore be sought.

Boyds Law offers consultations to discuss any matter of concern relating to your employment. Your consultation with us is of course a confidential matter. Your employer or your work colleagues need not know that you have taken legal advice in relation to your employment. So if you are at all in doubt about your employment rights, come and talk to us in confidence.