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Why should I make a Will if my Estate will go to my wife/husband, whom failing my children anyway", or "if I am not married, why do I need to make a Will??"

These often asked questions are best answered as follows: -

Without a Will there will require to be a legal Petition prepared and presented to the Sheriff Court in the locality of the deceased in order that the Sheriff might appoint an Executor to the Estate. This is a time consuming and relatively expensive procedure, which is totally avoided by the appointment of an Executor(s) in a Will.

• A Will can provide details to the family of the deceased’s preference as to burial or cremation

• A Will can provide for specific legacies, i.e., items of jewellery, to certain parties or bequests to a Charity or Organisation.

• Wills can easily show a distinction between heritable property and "moveable" Estate (moveable Estate being all items of the deceased’s Estate, including Bank and Building Society Accounts, Shareholdings, Insurance, Premium Bonds, etc, other than heritable Estate).

• If you have made a Will already and subsequently marry, you should speak to your Solicitor to amend your current Will or make a new Will.

• If you die without making a Will and have no relatives, then your Estate will pass to the Crown.

• Without a Will, there could be the problems of extra cost and delay caused by the tracing of missing relatives.

• Preparing a Will is a quick, easy and cost efficient way of safeguarding your Estate.


Best Advice - MAKE A WILL NOW!